Hello and welcome!

September 14, 2023

Thorsby, AB

Hello and welcome, reader.

I hope you’re enjoying the new website. My swanky new online home is a work-in-progress, and I look forward to your reviews.

The plan is to use this page to carry on the now-and-then habit of posting random thoughts, news, and the usual detritus filling the back corners of my mind. I’m thinking of it as subbing for my now-shuttered Blogger site. Which was, for those unaware, the successor to a long-running email newsletter called the ‘Harwill News’.

And just as Willie said, it’s sure funny how time slips away.

I’m calling this page ‘The Practice’ because that’s what I’m doing here. By now, you know I need all I can get.

As usual, there’s no formal schedule for posting these notes, either. Though I hope to make it a monthly routine. And because they’re published here and in no place else, you’ll have to visit the website to read them.

So, here we go.

I like the site template used here most because it’s self-explanatory. The headings at the top and bottom of each page link directly to others on the site. While the content is limited, there’s plenty of info.

A short bio and a little background lives on the ‘About’ page.

You’ll find all seven of my novels available direct from this website on the ‘Books’ page, along with links to the Amazon retail site.

While a list of my now rare public appearances is on the ‘Events’ page.

For those who, like me, enjoy writing more than just about anything else they can do with their boots on, I’m now offering some writing webinars. The details and start dates are on the ‘Writing Courses’ page. Drop me a line if you want to try one of them out.

To book a spot, send a site review, or get hold of me, see the ‘Contact’ page.

Meanwhile, for those into the craft, the ‘Twelve Rules’ page lays out the basics of my personal fiction writing approach.

As usual, thanks for being here, and thanks for sharing this, and the new website, with anyone you think might like it.


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