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October 21, 2023

Thorsby, Alberta

Hello and welcome reader.

By now, I’ve had a long career in the arts. And throughout it, I’ve mostly let my work speak for itself.

Aside from admitting I was wrong-headed, there’s no changing that now. Mea culpa.

The results, of course, are clear. I mean, how many times have you not heard of me and my writing since my high-school poems published in nineteen-seventy-nine?

So, in the spirit of not expecting to produce a different result by doing more of the same thing, I’m today offering a few more details about the product made here.

After all, what is art without philosophy? And what’s philosophy, other than the personal rules by which we deal with life and our fellows?

The answer to the unasked question is yes, I just used the ‘a’ word to describe what I do here. That’s mostly because, to me, literary writing is an art form. At least, when aiming for such a purpose, it can be.

Besides, as an egocentric fop in the midst of a lifelong masquerade as a man of insight, my commitment must ever be complete. And that, in case you wondered, was an example of the humor common to my stuff.

From here, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.

Now, for most folks, an author writing and publishing a novel is enough to value the work produced by them. And the less said by the writer about it later, the better.

But others think more is better, and so, ask for background. To some, only the derisive scribble of eggheads and critics holding forth from within ivory towers makes it legit.

Well, for them, you, and anyone else who might read this, I offer this note. Along with the hope, it enlightens while sharing a laugh.

Here, in minimalist form, is the story behind my stories.

The truth is, I first wanted to write mysteries. That’s when I found out that art reveals the artist far more than the other way around.

Long story short, I write about postmodern life and our private struggles with moral relativism. Because it’s the most widely lived story of our recent past, and the one I believe is most worth sharing with the future.

I always have, and likely ever will.

My writing comes through the lens of Metis heritage, and because I belong to the ‘write-what-you-know’ school, it reflects who I am and what I experienced. I write historic fiction set in postmodern western Canada for the same reason.

Likewise, I sometimes reflect personal beliefs within themes explored by my novels.

Despite this, each of them relies more on motif and symbol to make thematic statements, rather than giving overt testimony.

For here, the medium remains a large part of my message.

Now, these next things I’ve already said and written more times than I should have. But, because I’m celebrating the launch of the new website, I’ll repeat myself.

My novels are fiction, not biography. And I write fiction because I believe only there can we share the facts of our times here. So, in each of my novels, I’ve tried to show how it was, where, and when I was, too.

For me, that’s the point.

Of course, if you like, I’ll use a few more of what Steinbeck called the two-dollar words preferred by literary eggheads, and say it’s the philosophy motivating the creation of my art.

And because I think myself a minimalist writer, I’ll end the ‘splaining right there.

Now, here’s the latest news.

Early this month, I joined a couple of dozen local Alberta writers at the Leduc Public Library’s first Author Fair. Well, it was a time-and-a-half. Thanks to everyone at the LPL for being gracious and welcoming hosts. I look forward to seeing you all again.

And here’s a public ‘thank you’ to everyone who joined us there. Along with the biggest thanks to the readers who bought copies of my books. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to reading your reviews.

I’m now done with second draft rewrites of my latest manuscript. After a few months of rest, I’ll get to work on a third and final draft early next year. And so far, I’m pleased with my progress and looking forward to seeing it in print.

Stick around, and I’ll let you know what’s happening with it in future posts.

The next public appearance for me is the Author Fair at the Spruce Grove Public Library on Saturday, November 4, at 1pm. I hope to see you there.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for sharing this with anyone you think might like to read it.


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