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Hello and welcome, reader.

Once again, a month slipped away, and is now lost forever to the wayward winds of time. While each of us pursued who knows what in the name of survival.

It passes quick, I’ll say that. So, I’m keeping it short this month, and sharing little beyond the most salient of the local writing news.

Here, the much loved writer’s life continued. Which is another way of saying not much happened, but everything changed, and plenty.

Though, as usual, I’m not sure of why or how or what the results might be. I mean, the truth is that doing the work is reward enough for me.

So, my dreams are perhaps less grand because of it. But don’t take that the wrong way, because I like eating just as much as the next fat man.

Not only that, but I proved the facts of my competitive nature long ago.

Here’s to the demands made by the world’s inequity and those who seek to impose it upon the rest of us. Thanks to the bullies, the bigots, the racists, and the fear-mongering revivalists for showing us the price of ignorance, too.

Because right needs wrong to strengthen itself, just as light needs dark to be missed. Recall that, the next time some asshat spewing bullshit tries getting you down.

For, as the long dead Aurelius once said, what stands in the way becomes it.

I’m now a couple of weeks into third draft revisions of my latest manuscript here. Because I prefer to work six days a week, today is the usual one off. So, it’s time to catch up on some writing.

Last month, I told you twenty-twenty-three was a good and productive year for me. I didn’t say how or why, though, and after getting a few queries, thought I would give you some details along with the latest news.

Be warned, however, as once you’ve heard them, you’re likely unimpressed.

I’ll go by the calendar, as it makes things easier for me to keep straight. As regular visitors know, I started the year by publishing Things I Can’t Change, my best-selling novel to date. On its own, that would make twenty-three my favorite year, and thanks to everyone for making it happen.

From there, things only got better. Because early in the summer, I wrote the first draft of my latest manuscript. One day soon, it’ll become my eighth novel. And once again, getting that done, on its own, would’ve made it a damned good year. But more was on the way.

Through the months of fall, I co-wrote the first draft of an original feature film screenplay. Then, before the year’s end, I wrote a short film script. In future posts, I’ll let you know what happens with each of them. For now, I’ll say filmmaking is more than an idea.

While engaged in those projects, I also wrote the monthly Homegrown feature for High Canada Magazine. Fans will know I ended my run as their pundit, with the last column in the January twenty-four issue.

So, as far as I’m concerned, anyway, it was a hell of a year. But, truth be told, I expect this one to be better. I mean, all things willing and the creek don’t rise, it ought to be. And if I were you, I’d stick around and find out.

But, you know, I’m one of ‘those’ people, so you might want to be careful before getting up to anything I tell you. You know, cuckoo, and all that. Anyway, for my part, I warned you.

And that, as the saying goes, is all the news that’s fit to print. Until next time, keep on keeping on out there.

As ever, thanks for being here, and for sharing this with anyone you think might like to read it.


January 28, 2024

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